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Our pawn shop is located in the center of Salo at Helsingintie 13, 24100 Salo, Finland. Salon Pantti was established in 2014. We offer the cheapest pawnbroker loans in the region.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10-17


Bring an item to our office for valuation – you will immediately get an estimate of how much we can lend for it.

Once you have accepted our loan offer, you will receive the money without delay, after which you will get a pawn ticket which enables you to manage your loan. The items used as security for the loan will be stored in a secured space in our offices. All pawns are insured. We do not verify your credit details because the item itself acts as security.

The most common securities for loans are gold and silver objects, quality watches, housing company shares, listed or unlisted shares, art objects, electronics, musical instruments and vehicles. You can inquire about the pawn value of your items preliminarily via e-mail or by phone, phone number: 044 748 8011.

You have 3 months to manage your loan, during which you can redeem the item you have pledged by paying off the loan. The loan period is flexible: if you wish, you can extend the loan period by a further 3 months by paying the associated expenses.

We offer the cheapest pawnbroker loans in the region. Maximum interest rate for our loans is 3 % per month. Interest rates for larger loans are negotiated individually, please contact us and we will make an offer.

A loan is available to everyone over 18 years of age. We will verify your identity with an ID card.

We are happy to negotiate a secured loan for your needs. You are guaranteed personal service from us!


Contact information:
Helsingintie 13, 24100 Salo
Tel. 044 748 8011

Salon Pantti Oy

Helsingintie 13, 24100 Salo
Puhelin: 044 748 8011 (+358447488011)
Palvelemme: Ma-pe klo 10-17. Juhannusaattona 21.6. suljettu. Heinäkuun maanantait 1.7. alkaen suljettu.

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